Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Bye Monarch

We had to say goodbye to Monarch today. She had a good day last week, but quickly went down hill. Her liver just couldn't figure out how to process the blood that was being forced through it... and it didn't look like it would. The Vet called at 4, so Jason, Brianne and I drove over to the vet office to say goodbye to the little girl. She was in good spirits and happy to see us, but we knew that it was time to let her go... she didn't even want a bite of a chicken strip.
So goodbye "Little One", "Little Mo", "Her Puppy Majesty" HPM-Monarch 5/17/08-10/20/08

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pot Bellied Puppy

Just this last week, Monarch began retaining fluid. This is a side effect of the liver not yet functioning. During the surgery (almost 4 weeks ago), the surgeon placed a ring around the liver shunt. That ring slowly constricts for 6 weeks until the shunt is completely shut off. So we have 2 weeks for the liver to figure out what its job is and to start doing its job.
The side effect to a big belly is it is harder for Monarch to move around. She has stopped going up the stairs in my house, she even resists climbing the two steps up from the back yard into my house. She also has become even more picky about eating. I can tell that she is hungry, but her tummy hurts and she must think that it was something that she ate, so she often won't eat the same food twice.
Thursday, Monarch weighed 22 lbs. I would bet that at least 2 is the fluid in her abdomen.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feeling Better

Most mornings, I open the door to the crate and then get ready for work and Monarch continues to snooze and I end up pulling her out of the crate when I am ready to head down for breakfast.

This morning, Monarch was alert while Jason was getting ready, so I asked him to open the crate door... Monarch started to move out of the crate. I think she is feeling a lot better. Tomorrow, I will drop her at the Vet office for a fasting bile acid tests. Keep your fingers and paws crossed that Monarch's liver has started to function.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Bed

I have a big dog bed at work that Monarch sleeps on during the day, but all I have at home are blankets for the dogs. So last night at my friends house, Monarch discovered the cat bed. It's the perfect size for 20 lb Monarch and I can even tuck her. Monarch liked it so much that our friends have loaned us the bed. This morning, after breakfast, I put Monarch into the bed and I don't think she has emerged yet.
The weather has turned. Its cold now and Monarch still has very short hair on her belly and not alot of meat on her bones, so I think she really appreciates the cozy bed.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cooking for One

Yesterday I met with the vet. She was concerned that our little 20 lb Monarch wasn't eating so she printed out a recipe for a low protien diet for dogs. Last night we went shopping, came home, spent an hour cooking rice, browning ground beef, boiling eggs and crushing vitamins so little Monarch would have a meal fit for a queen. Monarch watched us for the entire hour. She is sure that good things come from the stove.
Once the meal was complete, I dished out a cup of the concoction and Monarch ate it all. Yummy! Last night I was cautiously optimistic. Today, I am a bit more optimistic since Monarch ate a 1/2 cup for breakfast and another cup for an early lunch. I hopeful that she will want another cup when we get home this evening. I am keeping my fingers crossed because skinny little Monarch needs to put on some weight.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Monarch is on a prescription, low protein, diet. Monarch has decided she doesn't like the prescription food anymore, so she doesn't eat and has becomes quite lethargic... until Jason goes into the kitchen and starts to cut up chicken. Then Monarch becomes animated and sits very pretty while asking for some chicken, which she doesn't get.

For the past few days, I have only been able to get Monarch to eat a couple of tablespoons of prescription food each day. She is so skinny and so lethargic that I finally gave in today at work and let her have some contraband. My co-worker fed Monarch half of her yogurt and another co-worker allowed Monarch to finish the last of her Italian Wedding soup... Monarch was much more active and happy this afternoon than she has been for almost a week.
For her dinner I picked up pasta, chicken stock and pumpkin. Monarch likes pumpkin - at least she does today. She ate a quarter cup of the pasta/pumpkin, and so far I haven't seen any ill effects from her dinner or lunch. I think tomorrow I will try to mix a small bit of the prescription food with the pumpkin. We have a vet appointment tomorrow afternoon so I can get some more options for foods that might fit her low protein diet - or maybe we will find out that her liver has started to function and Monarch can start eating a normal doggy diet.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lucky Stiff

Just got back from watching Lucky Stiff at the Lakewood Playhouse. Its a musical comedy in which a man must take his dead uncle to Monte Carlo or the inheritance will go to the dogs. Usually I take a CCI pup in training to the show, but with Monarch still recovering from surgery, she had to stay home. Not a big deal until a character sings about just needing a dog, and I looked down and there was no dog :(

Staple Remover

Just got back from the Vet office. Monarch had her staples removed. Her belly looks a little red, and some of the staple holes are a little infected. Since Monarch is alreadly on Enulose and another med, having diarhea and not eating well, the vet decided not to add more medicine to combat the infection, but instead has asked me to put neosporin on it every day. Poor little Monarch. The office also gave me a different dog food for Monarch to try. She was eating well for a few day, but now she seems to be tired of the prescription food and ready for chicken treats.