Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Bye Monarch

We had to say goodbye to Monarch today. She had a good day last week, but quickly went down hill. Her liver just couldn't figure out how to process the blood that was being forced through it... and it didn't look like it would. The Vet called at 4, so Jason, Brianne and I drove over to the vet office to say goodbye to the little girl. She was in good spirits and happy to see us, but we knew that it was time to let her go... she didn't even want a bite of a chicken strip.
So goodbye "Little One", "Little Mo", "Her Puppy Majesty" HPM-Monarch 5/17/08-10/20/08


Madison and Andros said...

I'm so sorry to hear that! My thoughts and prayers are with you! Was she a CCI puppy through all of this? said...

Tanya and Jason,

I am SOOOO sorry. I will always remember what seemed like her "healthy" days at the Redmond Fire station, Canyon's and our cuddles at puppy classes. She was so lucky to have such noble people during her short life. God Bless both of you.



Debbie said...

Tanya and Jason- my heart's breaking for you guys. I'm really sad to know that Monarch is gone. You guys did a fantastic job with her and I know she's up there with my good ol' Chugger dog. He'll keep his eye on her and teach her to play fetch and eat all the dog treats she can handle!

Coreena said...

I'm so sorry to hear Monarch passed! You guys did an amazing job with her! Sending thoughts, prayers and doxie wiggles your way from pet Doxie Rizzo and from puppy raisers, Coreena and Max.

Lulubelle said...

I am so sorry to hear that Her Royal Puppiness is gone. You and Jason have been real angels to her during her short time here. You two will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers.

Thida said...

I'm so sorry. Thank you for loving her, taking such good care of her and chronicling her life here. I feel like I knew Monarch a little and I feel sad she's gone.

Thida and CCI SD Hermione who sends love, licks and Bauman wiggles. She loves all her classmates in Seattle.