Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to Work

Today was Monarch's first day back to work since her surgery. It was a big day and she is tired tonight. She had to visit with security, fiscal staff and staff at the governers office. Everyone wanted to see that little Monarch is on her way to recovery.

Our routine has always been to stop in the security office before we head up the stairs. Everyone in the office is a dog lover. Plus I like to know that security knows my dog, just in case we ever have to evacuate the building and my dog is in my office, but I am not.

I am not completely paranoid. We did have to evacuate the building in 2001 after the Nisqually Earthquake... Luckily both Lyda (my first pup in training) and I were in my office at the time of the earthquake and I ended up carrying 70 lb Lyda down the stairs. I could have easily been on the main floor and Lyda could have been on a tie down in my 2nd floor office. So ever since then I make sure that security knows my dog; and I trust security will check my office if we ever have to evacuate again.

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Lulubelle said...

So...fiscal staff got a visit, security staff got a visit, governor's office for a visit, but policy LA in Internistan got nothin'...

Oh well, at least she's back and doing well (I hope!!).