Sunday, September 7, 2008


I typically work with my puppies in training to match my schedule. They eat when I get up, on my lunch hour and sometime after I get home in the evening. It has never quite worked that way with Monarch. When she wasn't eating well, I ended up trying to feed her at different times, and on the days that she did eat, I would often take a break at three to feed her in the middle of work.

Now that she is eating, she is on a better schedule, but I have to work in the medicine (enulose) every 8 hours, but she isn't hungry when I give her the medicine, so this has been my schedule...
  • 6 am - HURRY and Enulose (play a little, rest a little)

  • 7 am - Breakfast, because she doesn't want to eat at 6.

  • Lunch has been around noon, but sometimes as late as 2.

  • 2 pm - Enulose - sitting on the floor of my office holding a puppy in a towel, trying to slowly squeeze the sticky enulose syrup into Monarchs mouth without getting too much on me.

  • 5 pm - Home... time to play with Brianne... who puts up with her little playmate for a few minutes, but Brianne gets tired of the little ankle biter.

  • 7 pm - Dinner

  • 10 pm - Enulose

Now that I have a written schedule. It doesn't look that bad. I just like to sleep in on the weekends and the 6 am meds get in the way.

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Lulubelle said...

I love this pic of Brianne and Monarch! What cute puppies! I hope Monarch is feeling better soon.