Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I spent today at a staff retreat, in a building that had NO cell reception! I had called the hospital on the way to the retreat, but the Vets were doing rounds, so I had to wait for a return phone call. It was very hard to pay attention this morning when all I could think about was getting hold of the hospital to find out how Monarch spent her night.

At lunch I finally found a spot outside where I got reception. And found out Monarch continued to do OK though the night and she had started to eat a little and hadn't had any neurological episodes (seizures).

Now that I am home, I have found out that Monarch will have to spend another night at the hospital... I am not looking forward to day two of the staff retreat without cell reception. At least my husband will be home and can pick up Monarch when she is released from the hospital.

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Ann Beebe said...

I'm so glad to see that Monarch is improving, and using that strong little spirit of hers to heal! I'm thinking of all of you and hoping Monarch has a very happy homecoming tomorrow!