Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shaky Puppy

Last night Monarch was shaking so bad when we tried to feed her that Jason sat on the floor with her steadied her with one hand. She ate a little and stopped shaking. I don't know if the shaking is due to the liver shunt and excess toxins in her blood or a side effect of the Enulose syrup (which I think must affect her blood sugar levels). Either way, I am counting the days until the surgery.

This morning, Monarch started shaking right after I gave her Enulose. So I started to call her Shaky Puppy, so Monarch put her paw in my hand for a shake. It made me laugh.

I finally got her to eat some of her breakfast and she stopped shaking and we are now at work where she is sleeping on her big bed.

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Andros II & Madison said...

Thats SO sad! she is very little! I hope she starts to do better! Only a bit till surgery!